OrderGen 3.1 Purchase Order Management Software
Office Purchasing Management System for Windows


 60-Day Trial CD $15 USD
 Single User Version $139 USD
 Network Version $389 USD

Create Authorized Purchase Orders
Track Spending and Vendor Pricing

Unauthorized purchasing and un-tracked spending eats away at your company's bottom line every quarter.

It may not yet be time for you to invest in an e-procurement system costing $1000s of dollars; but you still need to manage your company's operating budget properly, and know what your employees are buying.

An official purchasing system to create and track purchase orders, vendors, products, received orders, and shipping charges will make efficient use of your organization's revenue.

This special-purpose, Windows database software is designed to make it easy for your employees to:

  • create authorized purchase orders,
  • create internal requisitions for approval,
  • track ordered products through delivery,
  • maintain a database of "approved" company vendors,
  • maintain details on all your company's vendors' products
  • maintain purchasing details for separate divisions or branches
  • create a database of "purchase-authorized" company

  • save complete transaction histories for all company

Will OrderGen Work in Your Company?

Companies just like yours use this purchase order software. Small and medium businesses and non-profit environments. Current licensed users include

  • agricultural food processors,
  • banks and credit unions,
  • fire & emergency departments,
  • hardware manufacturing companies,
  • local telephone companies
  • medical clinics,
  • public school districts,
  • software and web development companies

many other organizations both in the US and Canada.


The latest of release Applied Analytic System's OrderGen Windows Purchase Order Software is v., dated  05/14/2014.

To request your free 15-day trial version, simply email a short "hello" to Delia Reynolds and tell her that you want to try OrderGen. She will reply to your message with a download link before noon Eastern Time the next business day (in most cases, you will receive a response the same day). To speed up the response, use the words "OrderGen Trial" in the Subject line so that your message goes directly to a special inbox she has set up for this purpose.

Ask Delia about any current discount coupon codes that may be in effect.  

OrderGen Software Components

  • Purchase Order Database
    Users create and edit database entries for...
    • Purchase Order :: Vendors/Suppliers
    • Purchase Order :: Products
    • Purchase Order :: Organizations - These are companies or internal departments for which the purchasing employee creates purchase orders.
    • Purchase Order :: Recipients - These are the employees who request items for order, and to whom the order will be shipped by the supplier.

Purchase Order -- click to view Product List Report

A Completed Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Reports
    OrderGen Printouts include...
    • A Purchase Order for mailing or
      faxing to a supplier
    • Vendor Listing Reports
    • Available Products Reports
      • Listed by Vendors
    • Product Labels
    • Product Requisition Forms
    • Transaction History Reports
      • Listed by Vendors
      • Listed by Departments
      • Listed by Date Range
      • Listed by PO value
  • Import Vendor and Product data into database

  • Add Your Company Logo

  • Choose Your Own Fonts and Font
    Styles, Date and Currency Formats

  • Approval Signature Line(s) in footer

  • Add scanned Signature(s) to Purchase Orders

  • Export Purchase data to Excel for Analysis

  • Requisition Forms for approval to purchase
    inventory and supplies

  • New features are being added and your feature suggestions are welcome and encouraged


Minimum Computing Requirements for
Creating OrderGen Purchase Orders
  • Pentium+ based PC

  • 512 Meg RAM Memory

  • Windows 7 (32-Bit Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate) or
    Windows Vista (32-Bit Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate) or
    Windows XP (Home or Pro) or
    Windows 2000 or
    Windows 98 or ME

  • Laser or Inkjet Printer

  • Acrobat Reader to Email PDF POs
Buy a Permanent OrderGen
Software License Here

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The Single-User Software License with unlimited company names allows the licensee to create purchase orders on behalf of any number of internal departments, subsidiary companies or client organizations with a different heading and logo for each organization or division. This version is designed and intended, primarily, for independent bookkeepers, independent purchasing agents, or virtual assistants who handle purchasing for multiple clients.

  • Single-User Instant Download from SohoSoftware.com Web Server: 


Important: If you have previously installed a trial version and have entered data into the software that you wish to keep, DO NOT uninstall the trial version. When you purchase a license, we will email a registration code that converts the trial software version to a permanent, licensed version. You don't even need to download the program again.

  • Single-User Software CD Mailed by US Postal Service Priority Mail:  


Don't hesitate to use a company check if this is your normal process. We will not delay your shipment waiting for your check to clear. Of course, you can use Paypal, Credit or Debit if you prefer.

If a trial version is currently installed, just run the installation from the CD. DO NOT uninstall the software. The CD will update the executable files if the version on the CD is more recent than the installed trial. The installation program WILL NOT delete or overwrite your data.

The Network Software License with unlimited company names allows use on a network with up to 15 workstations.

  •  Network CD Mailed by US Postal Service Priority Mail:  


As noted above, you can feel free to purchase by mailing a company check. We assume checks are good and we never delay a shipment waiting for a check to clear. Of course, you can use Paypal, Credit or Debit if it is more convenient. We will print a Paypal shipping label and email your delivery confirmation number so you can track your package.

If a trial version of the software is currently installed, we will send instructions on how to move your trial database tables from a local machine or laptop to the network server. You can order a NETWORK TRIAL CD for $34.97. This allows you to install and test the program on several workstations on the network at your company for up to 30 days.

The CD comes with a Network Installation Manual. In addition to the manual, if you NEED HELP installing the network trial, please email support@sohosoftware.com for assistance.


Check for Special Pricing ...

Occasionally, we release promotional offers in the form of coupon codes. These codes can offer significant discounts on one or more of the different versions of OrderGen.

If you have received a coupon code by email, enter it into the Coupon Code field on the left and click "Go." Otherwise, send an email message to Delia to inquire about any promotional codes that might be active at this time.

If you enter a code incorrectly, you can try another code to reenter.

All promotional code prices are processed only through Paypal at this time.


Data Import from Another Program

Do you have Vendor or Product data in Excel, or another software's data format that can be exported into Excel? If you have any issues using the OrderGen import utility, we will import your data into the program for you at no additional cost. This offer is for permanent license holders only.

For the data import service, make your request through the Software Support Help Desk at support.ordergen.com.

Customized version of OrderGen.

  • Every organization works a little differently.

    Applied Analytic Systems is a custom software development firm that has created business and scientific applications for many companies. We can modify this program to your specifications, based upon a discussion with our software application development team.

    If your company requires other purchase order formats, vendor reports, transaction reports or other modifications, let us customize OrderGen Desktop Software to meet the specialized purchase order management needs of your organization:
    Request a customization quote


The OrderGen software license prices shown on this page are guaranteed to be accurate through 12.29.2014. Both Credit & Debit Visa and Credit & Debit MasterCard are accepted for all purchases.


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Our Help Desk System for OrderGen Desktop Software is now online. Licensed and Trial users of OrderGen can log support requests and upgrade suggestions at support.ordergen.com.

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