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  • Full Download - Download this Full version if you do not have OrderGen currently installed on the target computer.

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    The installation program for OrderGen can be downloaded from this page, and used for Single-User desktop or Multi-User network client installation. This is for users who have not yet installed OrderGen or, for other reasons, want a fresh installation.

    If you already have the software installed, you probably DO NOT need to download this installation. If an older version OrderGen is already installed, best way to update to the latest version is simply to run the "OrderGen Updates" utility.

    As a last resort, you can download and perform a full installation if you are unable to use the update utility. This is a safe alternative. Existing data in your purchase order database WILL NOT be overwritten.

    This is a clean, virus-free, spyware-free download, digitally signed by the Applied Analytic Systems corporation.

    (14.5 MB) Last Updated 04.10.2014
    • Enter your email address to download "ordgen2k.zip"
    • Unzip "ordgen2k.zip" to a temporary directory
    • Run "setup.exe" (or "install.exe") to Install OrderGen Database Software

OrderGen Installation Zip File

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  • OrderGen Database Modification

    This utility pack will allow users to make multiple necessary changes to their OrderGen database.

    The Database Migration Tool is used to move the database from one computer to another, or to a shared drive on a company network. This is obviously useful for someone who has tested a trial version on a different computer (e.g. laptop/netbook), and now wants to move the data that was entered onto a production machine. The Database Migration Tool also functions ideally for use for database backup purposes.

    The Database Upgrade Utility modifies the database "in-place," without data loss, to the most current database structure supported by the latest version of the software. Structure changes include addition of fields, lengthening of existing fields, and addition or modification of data indexes. An older database structure being used by the latest software version will not function optimally, and will likely fail completely at some tasks. This utility upgrades the database to the structure compatible with OrderGen Version Builds of and later.

    If OrderGen is not installed on the new computer, enter your email address above to download the latest version of OrderGen onto the new computer and install it.

    The zip file below contains a "setup.exe" installation program, which includes the database upgrade utility, and the migration utility, along with instructions for copying the database files from the old computer intact onto a portable drive, and moving them to the new computer or to the network file server in 10 minutes or less.

Downloadable OrderGen File ogutils.zip (2.4 MB)


  • Database Tables

    Below are the latest [empty] database tables, dated 04/05/2013. These tables are for use with versions numbered or higher. They are provided here for the use of licensed network version users or those who want to configure a trial version on a network.

  • These are Empty Tables
    These are for setting up a new network without having a CD.
    DO NOT use these files if you have existing data that you want to retain. To keep your data, use the Database Migration utility described above to move data from a desktop or laptop computer to the network file server. The installation instructions are provided in the network users manual. Unzipping these empty tables into your database directory will overwrite any data in your existing database.

Downloadable OrderGen Updates ogtables.zip (23 K) Updated 04.05.2013


Older Tools
  • OrderGen 2000 Help File - You can download this help file separately to see how OrderGen works before ordering (Windows 98/ME/XP).

Downloadable OrderGen Help File ordgenhlp.zip (497 K)

  • OrderGen Network Guide - Download this help file if you are interested in installing OrderGen on a network. You will learn the steps required to install the database and set up the network client machines.

Downloadable OrderGen Help File ognethlp.zip (30 K)

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This page is directed through email or a private links.  OrderGen Registered Users and those added to the database by a staff member can download the current version at any time by entering their email address above.

Contact Delia for a download: delia@aasdt.com.


If you manage a web site that provides business resources, please link to the OrderGen 2000 main page at http://www.ordergen.com/2000/ instead of linking directly to this page.

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