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Purchase Order Form - Creating
a Standard Purchase Order

Below is a standard purchase order form created with OrderGen 2000. OrderGen is NOT a form-filler program; this is a complete database program that allows the user to retain all relevant information about vendors, inventory, purchasing companies, and transaction histories. The purchase order form is the only OrderGen report that brings all database items together.

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Purchase Order Header

The form is created by, first, establishing the header for the purchasing entity. Add the purchasing company, organization or department name.

STEP 1) Enter Organization Contact Data

Add company name to database/header

STEP 2) Enter Company Logo (Optional)

Add optional logo to header

Optionally, click Logo... to add an associated logo, if desired.

Vendor and Inventory Data

The general idea is that OrderGen users will create several purchase orders to the same vendors over a reasonably long period. Once data has been entered, it can be used continuously in the future.

In fact, it becomes extremely easy to create a purchase order form for a vendor with whom your organization has previously done business. An example is Master Graphic Services in Chamblee, GA (a fine organization).

STEP 3) Enter the Vendor Contact Data

Add Your Vendor
STEP 4) Enter the Product(s) to Purchase from Vendor

Add Vendor Product(s)
Customize the Purchase Order Form

The phrase settings and font settings windows allow users to make the purchase order appear as they choose, using the language of their organization along with fonts and colors that seem most appropriate.

In the setting windows below, for example, the font settings have been changed for the phrase PURCHASE ORDER from [red, Courier New], bold to [gray, Arial Black, regular].

Also, the phrase settings have changed the label captions from [Description] to [Product Description], and [Account No:] to [Sales Person:]. This is useful if your organization chooses to store one type of information instead of another.

STEP 5) Customize the FONT Styles & Colors

Font Settings Form
STEP 6) Customize the Labels (language) for PO Form

Phrase Settings Form
Purchase Order Templates

By setting the font and phrase settings (Steps 5 & 6), the user creates a template that will be used for all purchase orders created on behalf of the selected organization (Applied Analytic Systems in this case).

Creating a template takes only a few minutes to do, and you only have to do it once.

The following is a purchase order that was created using the template defined above...

A P.O. Form Template
A Purchase Order output Form based on the settings supplied above.

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