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Creating a Purchase Order Template
Using OrderGen Database Software

Templates are particularly useful for purchasing when the purchasing officer is responsible for creating POs on behalf of multiple divisions or companies, each with a different name and/or contact information.

OrderGen allows users to establish multiple purchasing entities (companies), and to set the header, logo, fonts, and verbiage that is used on purchase orders.

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Add multiple company names to the OrderGen database, and use this to create a template for each of companies. As an example of how to create PO templates, below are several screen shots that show the process of creating templates for three different purchasing entities -- each a branch office of the same professional firm, located in different cities.

P O Template Headers

1) First, open the "User Organization" form by selecting "Company Data" > "Add Company" from the "Options" menu. In this context, a "company" can be a branch office or an internal division or practice that differs from the main company name. For the current example, our purchasing officer, Susan Palmer, handles all purchasing for the Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington DC offices of the following fictitious consulting firm.

Template 1
Callahan, Miller & Strauss Atlanta Office

Template 2
Callahan, Miller & Strauss Chicago Office

Template 3
Callahan, Miller & Strauss Wash DC Office

It is desirable that each company name have some subtle difference. For this example, we have added the city name to the end of the company name to distinguish between branch offices.

Of course you can add the Callahan logo to any or all of the headers if desired.

PO Template Appearance

The appearance of finished purchase orders is governed by the font settings form, which is described in detail on the purchase order form page. This form could be used to create alternate looks [fonts and colors] for the purchase order if, for example, one branch wants to project a fairly different look than another. The mid-western office might want their forms to have a conservative appearance, while the west coast office may prefer a more stylish, artsy look -- just an example.

Also, the language or terminology may differ between offices or companies. One may refer to a "vendor" as a "supplier" or maintain a "salesperson" name instead of the corporate "account number" or "customer id" number. These can be modified by using the phrase settings form.

Using a P O Template

When a purchase order is created using OrderGen's PO Builder, the user selects the purchasing organization from a drop-down list in Step 5 of the purchase order creation process. This establishes use of the corresponding purchase order template, in addition to using the associated contact and related employee information for the purchase order.

Purchase Order Builder selecting the Callahan DC Template


In the above case, Callahan et. al. Washington DC is the purchasing organization. All future purchase orders created for Callahan DC will look essentially like the purchase order below until the template is modified.

Purchase Order Template for Callahan D.C. Office
Purchase Order created using the Callahan - Washington DC PO Template

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