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Open a FREE support ticket for a problem or issue with OrderGen. The inquiries posted to our support database are monitored frequently by several members of the support staff. The first support person to read your message takes responsibility for your entire support request. The support staff member will contact you by email concerning your inquiry.

Bug reports will be forwarded to the development staff for review and software fixes. When you are describing a problem you are having, a possible software bug, or a feature request, be as detailed as you can possibly be to enable staff members to reproduce any error and/or to understand how you got to the point where you are experiencing the problem. If you provide enough information, we will get the problem fixed.

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Before submitting a trouble ticket, try our Questions Asked Database
to see if the answer to your question may already be logged.

OrderGen Support Ticket System

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Electronic Mail Support

This is another option for Standard OrderGen Support.

Any user of a registered, complimentary, or trial version can contact the support staff using the database interface above, or by contacting us at either support[at]aasdt.com or support[at]sohosoftware.com.

In any case, please provide your OrderGen version number and a detailed description of the problem.

Special Support Needs

If you need special handling or need to speak to a developer or support staffer directly, you need to have a support contract or incident support ticket id.

Both of these are PAID options which can be purchased quickly through the Paypal link on the Applied Analytic Systems Support Page.

OrderGen CD/DVD Subscription (12 Months) - Receive each new version by U.S. Postal Mail as soon as it is tested and production-certified, whether it is officially released on the OrderGen web site or not. There are usually 8 - 10 of these updates per year. These are the same versions we (and our sister companies) use internally.

OrderGen YouTube Channel

In September, 2012, we started using the YouTube sohosoftware channel to distribute support videos. In the future, we will be posting information about software updates, special offers, and other relevant information in the support channel.

Please subscribe to the channel or the feed to be kept up to date.

If you have questions about software updates, please look to the channel first.

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