Paradox Database Corruption

Paradox table corruption is an occasional problem that occurs [usually] when one or more database table(s) gets large and there is some form of abnormal termination of the database connection. This is the nature of Paradox, and, in fact, similar failures occur with all types of database systems.

OrderGen uses Paradox database tables.

The following sites provide good information about Paradox corruption problems, how to address them, how to prevent them, some of them sell products designed to fix such problems, and some even offer some form of data retrieval service:

Note: The sites above are listed as a courtesy for reference only. We do not necessarily endorse any of the products at these sites; they may work to fix a corrupted table or index. Any guarantees are those of the vendor. We are not affiliated with any of these companies.

Table Maintenance

We try to stress the importance of regular table maintenance to avoid table and index corruption. For this purpose, OrderGen includes the following database maintenance tools, shown in the graphic below.

OrderGen Database Maintenance Menu

Our recommendations for OrderGen databases of all sizes are...

  1. Backups should be performed either before or after every session.

  2. Periodically rebuild database indexes (once per week).

  3. Clean the tables occasionally.

  4. Always terminate the program normally using File | Exit.

"Table cleaning" removes orphaned records that sometimes occur when a data entry operation is abandoned without completion.

If you have a very recent backup, you can avoid purchasing and using a separate utility to try to rebuild your table. The best solution in this case would be to restore your most recent good backup.

Corrupt database tables ARE NOT covered by basic [free] OrderGen support.

In the case that there are no recent backups and you don't want to attempt "do-it-yourself" database repair, you want us to restore your data in our laboratory. We charge a minimum of 1 billable hour to attempt to restore as much data as possible, rebuild all indexes, and pack the table(s).

If your organization has purchased an annual support contract, there is no additional charge for this service.

For more information on support contracts visit the AAS Support page. Visit OrderGen Support to ask a question through a free support ticket.

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