How to Sign Purchase Orders Graphically

This page shows how to add a graphic (bmp, jpg, wmf) signature to a purchase order. This is usually done in situations where the PO will be converted to a PDF file, or will be faxed directly from the OrderGen interface.

One or two graphical signatures can be added to any open purchase order any time. For this example, we will assume that the purchase order has been created by an employee, and needs to be signed by a manager with "approval authority."

1) Open the software. Click (or double- click) on the OrderGen icon as necessary.

The main form of the software opens.

Note: Steps 2) and 3) apply only to users on a network. If you are using OrderGen in single-user mode, skip to Step 4) now.

2) On the menu at the top, select "File" and click on the menu item labeled "Need Approval..."

3) A search box opens with the P. O. Number of all open purchase orders that DO NOT have a signature attached. 

In this case, there is only one (1) purchase order matching this criteria.

4) Select the P.O. Number of interest and click "OK". This opens the PO Builder, so that the purchase order can be signed.

5) Click the icon that looks like a pencil (circled in red above). 

Single-user installations always have Approval Authority. If this is a multi-user network installation, the workstation user must have Approval Authority; otherwise, the message (below) is shown when s/he clicks the icon.

On a single-user version, or, on a workstation with Approval Authority, the dialog below opens, allowing the user to select a graphic to use to sign the purchase order.

Important: In the multi-user environment, the graphic must be placed in a shared directory on the network so that any workstation that will print the PO will have access to the signature.

The file above is 136 x 38 pixels. The recommended dimensions for a graphical signature file is roughly 140 x 40.

6) Below is the purchase order after the signature has been attached.

Signed Purchase Order

This PO can be exported to PDF and faxed or emailed to the vendor. 

Read the linked page for information on how to attach two graphic signatures to a PO.

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