Apply Registration Code

This page shows how to apply a permanent registration code once a license for OrderGen has been purchased. This method is used primarily for licensees of the single-user version; however, it can also be used to apply registration code(s) to OrderGen client workstations on a network.

1) Open the software. Click (or double- click) on the OrderGen icon as necessary.

The main form of the software opens.

2) On the menu at the top, select "Help" and click on "Permanent License Code..."

3) A dialog box opens with three blank fields. This is where you will enter the registration information.

4) Copy-and-paste the Company Name and Registration Code from the email message exactly as provided by the support staff member.

If it asks whether you want to retrieve the registration code from the OrderGen server, answer NO. This will be a manual entry process.

If you can't copy-and-paste, carefully type the information exactly as provided.

5) Click OK. If the User Name and License Code were entered correctly, the software will be registered.

6) To see if the license code was properly entered and accepted, repeat Step 2. The fields should be populated with the registration data as shown in step 4.

If the fields are blank, the data was not entered correctly. Go back to step 3.

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