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Windows Purchase Order Software

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Purchase Order Definition: Think of a  purchase order as a "promise to pay" contract -- an official, binding document issued by a company's purchasing or accounting department, authorizing funding for the payment of products and/or services.

A purchase order guarantees payment at the negotiated time, when the products or services are delivered according to the agreed-upon terms. When a company issues you a purchase order, they are finished shopping; they are buying your product (or service).

In this video, Certified Public Accountant  Miranda Chook provides a brief (118 sec), but thorough explanation of purchase requisitions and purchase orders, and their roles in helping business owners manage employee spending.

A purchase order can be a simple hand-written form using a  blank p.o. page torn from a purchase order book obtained at a local office supply store. Note, however, that some companies or agencies issue dozens or hundreds of purchase orders during a typical quarter, making such hand-written POs highly impractical. Also, there may be some concern about how professional such documents appear, and how seriously they may be taken by suppliers. This issue is very significant for many small businesses.

Automated Purchase Order Systems make it easy for companies to...

  • Keep track of who is buying what
  • Keep track of how much is being spent
  • Maintain formal lists of approved suppliers
  • Compile lists of products of known, accepted quality
  • Create repeat orders for the same supplies quickly
  • Make a professional impression on your company's suppliers

Create Purchase Orders With OrderGen

Here is an example of an attractive, professional, customized  purchase order document that can be created in Windows XP, Vista and 7/8.

Applied Analytic Systems first developed version 1.0 of OrderGen in 1995 - 96, initially for in-house usage, then made available to customers of our invoicing software products. The first version was a 16-bit, basic database program developed with Borland's ObjectVision™, using Paradox™ database tables, designed to run both in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, which had recently been released.

OrderGen v. 1.01
Last Revised, July 1996

The database could accommodate vendor company data, vendor product data and purchase order transaction data. Reporting was limited to the actual generated purchase orders, and a report listing all purchase orders created to date.

OrderGen 2.0 was another 16-bit version (1997) that upgraded OrderGen 1.0 from an ObjectVision runtime application to a Windows executable using the same Paradox database tables. This version had a limited release, and was never really marketed, since everyone was well into the process of migrating their operating systems from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95.

OrderGen 3.0 was a complete rewrite of the software. Initially developed in Windows 98, the database structures were completely redesigned, although Paradox continued to be the database engine driving the product.

OrderGen v. 3.2
OrderGen v. 3.2.0
Last Revised, Jun, 2013
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The database was designed to support both single workstation usage and multi-user network access, and contained multiple reports on the vendors, products, and the purchase order transactions. This version was developed in late 2000 - early 2001, and released in 2001. Windows 2000 and Windows ME were the operating systems that were being used at the time. Naturally, this version was referred to as OrderGen 2000.

In 2005, OrderGen 3.0 received a thorough upgrade, developed in Windows XP Pro. This release updated the database structures and added internal requisition creation module. Instead of releasing a major upgrade (4.0), upgrading the software to OrderGen v. 3.1 allowed the existing user base to continue using the software without needing to purchase a new license.

A list of all updates since 2006 can be viewed at The current "production version" is, released June 5, 2013. This version has been tested on Windows  XP (32-Bit), Vista (32-bit), and Win 7 (32-bit). There is no official 64-bit version; however, this version can be run from the (x86) directory on Windows 7 and 8 (64-bit) systems.

Purchase Order Form
OrderGen P.O. Form
Last Revised, May, 2010

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Purchase Order Form 1.0 is a separate software program consisting of the OrderGen 3.1 purchase order report only. This application was created after many small businesses indicated that their need for purchase order creation may be limited to only four or five times per year. This is NOT a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet. This stand-alone Windows software module costs around $20 USD.

The P. O. Form software has no database connected fields. The data entered into the form can be saved as an individual purchase order form file (*.pof) for future editing; however, there are no vendor lists or product lists to facilitate data entry. Since users of this software create very few purchase orders, the absence of vendor and product lists is not a major disadvantage.

Purchase Order Form performs all the necessary mathematical calculations, including discounts, deposits or prepayments, and tax percentages. The output report (i.e. the purchase order) looks exactly like the purchase order from the OrderGen 3.1 database software.

OrderGen Software News

New version released on June 5, 2013. Build 902 includes database and interface changes and additional features, such as updating (closing) open purchase orders in bulk.

Registered users should visit to download the latest version and the database migration utilities.

The latest setup for OrderGen supports installation on 64-Bit versions of Windows® VistaTM and Windows® 7 and Windows® 8, by automatically installing OrderGen into the Program Files (x86) directory on 64-bit systems.

For up-to-date information about OrderGen software and topics in computer-based purchasing, visit the OrderGen News and Information site at


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